paw cbd/ cbdMD CBD Infused Peanut Butter 150mg/16oz 5mg per tbs

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U.S. premium cannabidiol (CBD) in every product batch

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THC-free products sourced from hemp grown using organic farming methods 

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CBD Peanut Butter

If your dog loves the taste of peanut butter, our CBD Peanut Butter  offers an easy way to provide your pet with all the natural relief of  CBD. We use our high-quality CBD, a result of U.S. hemp grown with  organic farming methods, and combine it with every dog’s go-to treat:  peanut butter.

We take pride in providing naturally sourced CBD because we know you want to give your dog nothing less than the best. 

Why Paw CBD?

We’re committed to offering the best value in the CBD industry, using  only premium CBD at an affordable price – sourced from hemp grown right  here in the U.S. We utilize a unique manufacturing and production  process, ensuring that you’ll get all the valuable properties with  absolutely no THC.

With every purchase, you get the full support of our award-winning  customer service team who’s ready to answer any questions and offer  guidance on our full line of CBD pet products. All that with a 30-day,  money-back guarantee and free shipping. 

How Much to Give?

There’s no one standard size or shape, so there’s no one standard  amount of CBD for dogs. Try starting your dog on a low measurement and  monitor their behavior. If necessary, gradually increase.

How Long to Notice Results?

The time that the CBD oil requires to take effect varies from dog to  dog based on a variety of factors. It’s recommended to maintain a  regular CBD regimen every day for two to three weeks to gauge the full  effect, as CBD will accumulate in the body over time.



Cannabidiol (CBD), MCT Oil (from palm kernel oil), and Peanut Butter.